Welcome Mat Pilates Series

Welcome Mat Pilates Series

Unsure what to do when? Get structure and the complete studio experience at your fingertips with your Weekly Schedule choreographed by Maghan. These beautiful transitions and challenging flows are designed for maximum impact with minimal equipment.

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Welcome Mat Pilates Series
  • 2min Lateral Breath Work

    This class covers Pilates Breathing technique & how to breathe correctly during Pilates.

  • 6min Activating Neutral Spine & Pelvic Floor

    This class helps to establish fundamental understanding of neutral spine & pelvic floor activation.

  • 14min Mobility & Stability Level 1

    General mobility & stability drills perfect for pre-workout warm up and active recovery sessions. This routine utilises a foam roller, but a rolled up towel, held tight with rubber bands, works just as well.

    - Foam roller
    - Booty Band or Pilates Circle

  • 41min Body Sculpt (Intermediate)

    This routine is a slow burn with emphasis around shrinking the waist and toning the body. Challenging flows focus on engaging the little stabilizer muscles for a deep burn.

    Equipment includes a Pilates ball, hand weights ranging from 2-5kg (4-10lbs) & Booty Bands (heavy & medium)

  • 35min Pilates Circle Routine (Intermediate)

    Small apparatus routines are always super fun. This full body flow using a Pilates Circle is probably just what you are looking for.

  • 28min Mat & Barre (Beginner)

    Don't judge a book by it's cover! This is a full body Mat Pilates & Barre routine is TOUGH!

    - Chair or Barre
    - Pilates Ball
    - One light set of dumbbells 6-12lbs (3-6kgs)
    - Ankle Weights (optional)

  • 12min Booty Blast (Beginner)

    This Booty Routine will leave you feeling strong and shapely. For a little extra, try 2-3 Rounds. This flow utilises a Booty Band, box/step and hand weights.

    - Short/Long Box or Step
    - One heavy set of dumbbells 18-25lbs (8-12kgs)

  • 19min Whole Body Pilates Ball (Intermediate)

    This is a dynamic full body Mat Pilates routine using the Pilates Ball. Switch out the Ball for a small cushion or a plush toy if you don't have one ;)

  • 27min Mat Pilates HIIT (Intermediate)

    High intensity Mat Pilates routine utilising dumbbells. This one is sure to make you sweat!

  • 32min Whole Body Tone (Intermediate)

    Whole body tone routine utilising hand weights, Sliders and Booty Bands.